SNEŽNIK – 8.2.2017


Snežnik is the highest peak in Slovenia, which lies not in the Alps but in the western part

Dinaric mountains. The landscape is diverse, karst, with huge caves and abysses. There are many karsts

a kindergarten characterized by temperature plants, and in the case of fog, a polygon for sowing knowledge is appropriate

from orientation. The area grew with beautiful, concentrated, fir beech forests. For the Snežnik itself

are characterized by extreme weather conditions.

Curious, what hides in our own name, members of PD Srednja vas (13) were taken to a cultural holiday

Snežnik opposite.

In the Bohinj snow, low cloudiness, from the Soteska to Sviščakov land, the sun has welcomed us, we promised

It’s a nice day. Swingers (1250m) were once known, a smaller ski resort, which they also visited

the Trieste skiers are not working now. There is also a mountain lodge and a bunch of weekends, just like ours

Yosefini. Here our ascent began (2 hours), first through beautiful forests over snowy forests

roads, higher through sparse spruce beech forest and rušje. We soon felt “extreme.”

the situation, “this is a severe cold, which the Hurricane added to the moment. We’re in the upper part

stepped into a foggy hat that wrapped the top and visually set off a warm shelter – a cottage. Na

hard winds on the snow, the snow and the snow accumulated, which made us better

grip and a safer step. In the cabin we made a mistake, listened to Zdravljici and even a toast. Ob

We also took a glimpse of the views on the domestic mountains with the Triglav Mountains.

Thanks Lojze and Milan for safe transportation. It was nice, and more in pictures.

Robert Klancar