Vodnikov dom na Velem polju Alpine Hut

– Altitude: 1817 m

– Access from Rudno polje over Jezerce and Studorski preval (3 hrs), from Stara Fužina in Bohinj and the

Voje valley (4 hrs) or from Srednja vas over the Uskovnica and Konjščica pastures (3 hrs)

– The hut is open from the middle of June until the end of September

– 5 private rooms offer 20 beds; the common sleeping room provides 38 beds

– The winter room offers 5 beds (open during the winter – shelter)

– Mountaineers and hikers can enjoy in warm and cold meals and drinks

– The hut is a starting point for various tours: Mt Triglav past the Planika alpine hut and Kredarica, Dolič,

the Sedmera jezera (Seven Lakes of Triglav)

– Mobile phone: +386(0)4 828 03 04